Monday, January 15, 2007

So I was watching the Golden Globes. And I saw Brad and Angelina. They looked hot. Hot together and hot seperately. She cupped the back of his head when his film Babel won best picture. I read the Vogue article with her, where she talks about him and the kids. He greets her at the end of the article and grabs her ass when they hug. I want them to marry or adopt me. My name will be Joanna Jolie-Pitt. I can style Maddox's mohawk. I can carry Shiloh in one of those third-world baby slings. I can compare style tips with little Zahara. I'll help Angelina write UN speeches and I'll travel to Cambodia, Pakistan and anywhere else the fam wants to go. And Brad will be kept around for heavy lifting. And the sex. Obviously. Check out my new mom/wife:

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Ayela said...

Who is this Gojo who seizes any opportunity to put up fetching pictures of Clive Owen? Plus that breena (or whoever) shot rocked. That expression is priceless.