Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So I watched American Idol last night (and I'm watching it tonight too). And it's the bad auditions. Maybe I'm a sap, but I have trouble watching them. The children (even though some are in their 20s) are usually dressed strangely (clothes that don't fit) are almost always fat or have acne, they are pasty white, possibly gay, of indefineable gender (sometimes) they can't dance and they sure as hell can't sing. They seem lost. confused, insane. Some seem embarassed. And some seem blissfully unaware. So do their parents/friends, who often encourage them. Maybe they are lost, confused and insane as well. My favourites are the ones that scream "Fuck Simon and Randy!! Especially Randy...I mean, Simon!!! Paula was okay. I'm so auditioning next year. Cause I can sing... All my friends say I can. I'm gonna be famous. Fuck Paula!!"

That's Breena. The skinny guy before her couldn't sing, couldn't dance and couldn't juggle. He was told so. He bust out of the room, cussing like a sailor. His Mom (possibly) assured him he'd get there, he was only 16. He screamed ''I wanted to start out famous!'' That's Breena's reaction shot, which sums it all up. Unfortunately, she sang like ass too.

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