Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Big Love by Sarah Dunn

Just finished this today. I hate chick lit. Well, not quite. I like stuff that encourages women to read. And if they like chick lit, than yay chick lit! This would be a chick lit book (pink cover, 20-35 year old female protagonist , has opinionated girlfriends, various men in her life). But it's well written, so I forgive it for being chick lit.

The Observations by Jane Harris

Only on the first chapter. Young, Irish woman shows up an English manor and becomes a maid for the young woman who lives there. The mistress is strange and does things like measure the maid for clothes but also measures the distance between her ear and her nose. She's also prone to strange outbursts. Gorgeous cover. Look at the hands.

Sparkle Life by Kara Lindstrom

I began reading this today on the bus. Three 30-plus women, Liv, Joy and Sara, who work in the film industry. Relationships, insecurities and sex. Good fun. Lindstrom has a very straight forward style that isn't as cotton candy as the subject might suggest. Another great cover.

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