Friday, October 13, 2006

So I finally got to watch this show. And I sort of love it. America as Betty is sweet, smart and cluless about fashion, but not clueless about much else. This episode had a makeover in it, but unlike most tv/movie makeovers, it actually made Betty look worse. And she was the hero in the end! Yay! Plus, the show is full of Latin music. Which I like, especially when it is cold, because it keeps me warm.

Paris and Nicole, Together Again

So they had a big fat fight awhile ago. Paris got engaged and then de-engaged to Paris (not herself but a dude named Paris. Although I wouldn't put being engaged to herself past her), then recorded an album, then got arrested for a DUI and was otherwise useless. And Nicole decided to quit eating.

But look!!!

World Peace is possible!!! And leave it to tiny, emaciated Nicole to make Paris look hugeongous.

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