Monday, October 02, 2006

I am officially in love with this writer named Curtis Sittenfeld. Earlier in the year, I read Man of my Dreams and I thought it was funny and very truthful, about a woman in her 20s. And now reading Prep (her first novel) has sealed the deal. Prep is about a lower class girl named Lee at a prestigious New England boarding school. Sittenfeld really understands the awkwardness and insecurities of adolescence without ever being condescending or letting her characters wallow in self-indulgence. Lee is so frustrating at times, the way she distances herself from experiences but I really liked her (possibly because there is a lot of me in Lee). This book rings true. Plus, Sittenfeld is freaking hysterical.

For instance, as a junior, Lee is failing math and gets tutored by a rather tiny freshman named Aubrey, who is awkward and quiet. When she graduates a year later, he gives her an envelope and told her to read it later. When she opens it later, the graduation card that said :

"I would like to express that I have very strong feelings of love for you. I do not expect anything to happen and you don't have to write back, but I wanted to say it. Good luck with your life. You are extremely attractive."


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