Thursday, March 01, 2007

I remember once being in the rag section of a bookstore and I saw on the cover of one of those "cosmo for men" mags (stuff, fhm, or maxim) a picture of a curly haired, blessed-with-hips girl baring her belly. I did a double take because I wasn't sure if it was Beyonce or if it was Shakira. I always kinda thought they looked alike and sure enough, someone else agreed. Their new (very catchy but also kinda cheesy) song and video for the remix of Beyonce's "Beautiful Liar" features quick cuts between the two, and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. Shakira (whose hips never lie. Ever.) has got the tighter moves. There is a smoke machine, writhing on the floor and wind through panels of fabric. There is also a rain machine. So the girls get wet. There are also neon purple lights on the floor. I think the budget was a $1.99. Cheesy, but hypnotically so.

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