Monday, February 05, 2007

Okay. Let's pretend you are pretty cute but kinda dumb. And you also get a swanky internship at the teen version of a swish magazine. You have equally silly friends. You have a stupid, but equally rich boyfriend from highschool. He seems kind of unemployed. You buy him golf clubs for his birthday. Maybe you two will spend the summer together at a beach house.You get excited about boys at photo shoots and by sparkly clothes. You have a boss who has a very pinched mouth. You never seem to do very much work, but you do get offered an internship. In Paris. Paris is Mecca in fashion. Even your dumb friends are all "You gotta do it, right?" But what about your stupid boyfriend and the little beach house of vapidness? Desicions, desicions.

Fashion Mecca with French boys or Beach House of Vapidness with loser boyfriend?


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