Friday, September 08, 2006

So I had a busy day. I had a job interview, I went to the movies and I met a guy in the park. I'm only going to talk about the movie. The Devil Wears Prada looks like a good movie. The trailer was amusing. I have an actor crush on La Streep. Anne Hathaway reminds me of my childhood best friend (who also had giant, doe-like brown eyes and was kinda nerdy in an adorable way). Plus, fashion is fun. I watch Top Model in it's various incarnations (America's, Canada's, Britain's, Australia's. Thanks YouTube). But I know it's not real fashion. I think Project Runway might be the greatest reality tv show ever. Interesting/ crazy contestants that have actual skills and are creative. I want Tim Gunn to re-arrange my life and tell me to "make it work". Heidi "either you are eeen or you are owt" Klum is kinda awesome and keeps having Seal pups. I pray one day I look as radiant as she while pregs.

Anyway, I digress. Miss Nerdy Doe-Eyes plays Andie, a journalism graduate, who takes on the job of 2nd assistant to Miranda Priestly(aka Anna Wintour aka La Streep) who is the editor en chef of Runway Magazine (aka Vogue). The first problem is that Runway is a stupid name for a magazine and a character as unforgiving/awesome as Miranda would never be editor of a magazine with such a stupid name. Anyway, Andy (Aaaaandrea as Miranda calls her) has this granola/grungy boyfriend she lives with played by Adrien Grenier. He's a wannabe chef or something. She has a few other New York friends. There is also Emily, Miranda's first assistant, played by the very lovely Emily Blunt. She is English and sexy and looks great in green eye shadow and all these various fashion things. Stanley Tucci is the only "good" character that didn't annoy me. He plays a photo editor and the only one Miranda doesn't frighten and totally calls Andy on her bullshit. The granola grungy boyfriend keeps giving her speeches about how she needs to be true to herself and how she has lost her integrity or something when she actually starts enjoying her job.

Miranda is pretty much awesome. Yes, she is demanding and ridiculous and frightening. But she is powerful, eccentric and interesting. And apparently, if Andy works as her assistant for a year, a million different jobs in journalism and publishing will be open to her. And then her friends annoyingly start bitching that she is changing and not spending enough time with them. Anyway, I say suck it up, wear the fabulous clothes and dump the whiny friends. Then get a fabulous job. But the movie doesn't believe that, and that makes it kind of suck. Looks great though. Great soundtrack.

So instead of Devil Wears Prada, rent anything with Ms Meryl Streep. Try Adaptation, she's droll in that and it's a weird ride.

Emily Blunt was completely sexy and some kind of wonderful in a small English film called My Summer of Love. Doomed teenage love affairs.

Adrien Grenier was awesome in a film called The Adventures of Sebastien Cole. He plays a young kid in a dead end town, who wants to be a writer. The wisest character in the film is his step father, who is a transsexual about to have a sex change operation.

As for our star, Anne Hathaway, she was in a lot of teen type movies. See The Princess Diaries, even though I haven't. She's also in Brokeback Mountain. Her wigs are awful and she can't yet play middle aged convincingly, but she is rather good. Plus, hot men hot for each other. That's always fun. Plus, more doomed love. And cowboys.

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