Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I kind of love Ludacris, mostly because he cracks me up. In the past, most of his tracks have been about women and what he wants to do to them, mostly in a club. I read somewhere that his new album "Release Therapy" tackles more serious topics, like Hurricane Katrina. But so far, the few tracks I've heard are about Luda and his dick (or Lil' Luda, as I've decided to call it). And that's fine, because he cracks me up. And the beats are good. So rock on, Lil' Luda.

"A little sweatin' never hurt nobody"
Beyonce was born exactly eight days before me (her b-day 9/4/81. mine 9/12/81). So for whatever reason, I feel kinda close to her. Maybe it's cause she's another Virgo. In interviews, she seems like a very quiet, Southern girl. But when she performs, she's all growl and hair tossing and shiny legs and glitter. She becomes Hurrican Beyonce. She's a bit scary.

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